Holiday Accommodation in Mauritius

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Holiday Accommodation in Mauritius

This is a cosy holiday accommodation located at Pereybere. When we talk about holiday and Pereybere, the first thing that cross our mind is swimming pool. Well you will not be disappointed with its large refreshing swimming pool. So, without delay let me first introduce to you this swimming pool before we move further.

Swimming Pool View

Actually, this cosy holiday accommodation has a swimming pool view. So, when you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you’ll see is the swimming pool, unlike what you are seeing every morning. Meaning that in bird of paradise accommodation, you will really feel that you are on holidays. Well you guess right; the name of the holiday accommodation is “Bird of Paradise”.

What’s the point of hiring a holiday accommodation when you will not see a swimming pool in the morning? So, at Bird of Paradise holiday accommodation you will not be disappointed. Even from the living room you’ll have a good view of the swimming pool.

Beautiful Garden

Beautiful flowers at your doorstep, and in the landscape, so a real feeling of a taste of paradise.

Holiday accommodation Mauritius

Open Plan Kitchen

For a holiday accommodation, the best interior design is really an “Open Plan Kitchen”. This is where you will spend a great part of your time if you are not at the seaside or the swimming pool. However, I bet you will not miss a lunch at Super U complex at Grand Bay and a Dinner at La Croisette (5 minutes drive from Pereybere). Children will have a good time in the playing area adjacent to the food court, whether in Super U complex or at La Croisette.

Moreover, I would suggest that you try a romantic dinner at the Turkish restaurant at Mont Choisy Mall (adjacent to la Croisette). You will not be disappointed. Take my words for it. The Mont Choisy Mall is really a calm place for a family buffet at the Indian restaurant as well; or you may wish to send the kids for the buffet while you enjoy your romantic dinner (The Indian buffet restaurant is opposite the Turkish one). Very affordable price, unbelievable.

Well, let’s come back to our Bird of Paradise open plan kitchen, so here it is:

Holiday accommodation Mauritius

Now let’s go into further details:

Bird of Paradise holiday accommodation is located in a holiday complex called Jade Vine and Savannah Sparrow. Walking distance (or 2 minutes drive) to the best beach in Mauritius, the Pereybere beach. On your way to it, you will come across a “Winners” supermarket, very popular with tourists, so again a real feeling of holidays. And opposite the supermarket, you’ll find a pharmacy, just in case.

Well moving further, before entering the beach area, you’ll get your juicy, mouth watering ananas and “disel piment”. Don’t buy it inside the beach area, it’s far too expensive, so buy it outside. And in December you’ll get the succulent letchis mangoes and watermelon.

A real feel of holidays, isn’t it?

How much will this amazing holiday cost you?

Hiring price is : 25,000 Mauritian Rupees monthly (long-term hiring).

If you are a Mauritian and want to make a small side business and earn some extra money, this is really a great opportunity. The selling price is 3.9m (negotiable, don’t hesitate to make an offer). Nearly forgot to tell you; this accommodation is fully furnished and brand new.

For more details and site visit, drop me your phone number in the “contact Us” box (the red tab at the bottom right of your screen), I’ll revert back to you as soon as possible.

Bird of Paradise Photos

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